Welcome to Spike Camp​

Spike Camp is a private community for hunters of all skill levels. Free to join when you support hunting and wildlife conservation.

Photo by Adam Foss

How to Join Spike Camp

Spike Camp is free to join but we have one condition:

You must be a member of a conservation group that supports hunting and wildlife conservation.

If you aren’t a member of a group yet, consider joining one of the organizations listed below.  

Preferred Conservation Groups

These conservation groups have a proven track record of doing “boots on the ground” work for wildlife conservation and hunting rights. We highly encourage you to become a member.

Wild Sheep Society BC logo
backcountry hunters and anglers british columbia logo.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers BC

We believe supporting conservation is every hunter’s responsibility and this was a way for us to encourage folks to get involved. It also serves as a community filter. If you support conservation then you share our mission and we want to hang out with you!

Yes. When you sign up to Spike Camp you’ll be asked to list your affiliation so we can review your submission. As long as the organization has a good reputation and supports hunting and wildlife conservation that should be sufficient.

Why join Spike Camp?

Our goal at Spike Camp is to be the best community to hangout and talk hunting on the Internet.

Free Livestreams & Hunting Camps

We host livestreams regularly, at least two per month. Most livestreams have a guest speaker that you can ask questions and have a conversation with.

Join us for virtual hunting camp on specific topics like Sheep, Elk, Mountain Goats, Rifles and more. We bring on expert hunters, biologists, and partner with conservation groups to bring you premium content and storytelling.

All camps and livestreams are free to attend for Spike Camp members.

Discussion Topics & Classifieds

All of the essential hunting and conservation Discussion Topics you are looking for. Ask questions and share stories. We welcome new and experienced hunters alike.

You can post images, write articles, embed videos, and create events. We have a Classifieds section to sell guns and hunting gear.

Hunter Resources & Education

Things that actually come in handy! Sheep aging videos, mountain goat identification and sexing information, how to cape an animal, how to handle and care for meat in the backcountry.

There is an entire section of the Spike Camp community dedicated to hunter resources and education and we are constantly adding more great stuff to it.

Brand Partners

Consider supporting these companies that invest back into hunting and conservation.
Spike Camp wouldn’t exist without the support of our brand partners. 

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Let's talk hunting.

This is the place to share stories, knowledge and experience. It's also the place to ask questions and to share some laughs, just like a real spike camp!

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Photo by Adam Foss

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